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ISBN: 978-9870253129
COLOFÓN: 2011-07-25
152 páginas


To those who make warYou, who make war,whom do you want me to hate?The Indian? The Englishman? The Christian?The Chilean?The Jew? The Arab?Whom do you want me to hate?My blood has something of Quechua from the Incas,of Chilean Araucan, of railwayman English.Andalusian Arab and Jew.Sardinian, too.Even of Christ, since my friend the priestinvites me to Mass.You, who make de war,whom do you want me to hate?The workman who sweats with me?Te businessman? –if I learn and I live.The soldier? but still, with his weapon.He is my brother and friend.You who make the war.Who are you? What do you want.That destroys mankind?You who make war…What war, does not matter!Only that it kills,goes reaping with bombs and bullets,with terror and hunger,with irresponsility and cynicism.You who make war, who are you?How do you disguise yourself?As an Iron Lady?As a Man of Steel?May God forgive you,child of futility,father of nothing.Salvador Antonio VargasTranslated by Dr. M. Boulton

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