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ISBN: 978-9878506654
COLOFÓN: 2020-08-24
144 páginas


The Dionaea Muscipula, commonly known as the Venus Flytrap, is a carnivorous plant with a peculiar morphology and curious feeding method-while alluring them with its sweet nectar, the Dionaea possesses distinctive fine-toothed traps at the end of its leaves which capture its victims unaware, condemning them to a slow, certain death.

Ludmila is a stunning, quick-witted woman with a charming personality and an unquestionable talent for sly manipulation. Ruthlessly ambitious, she learned to master the art of seduction and extortion to satisfy her every desire. The Dionaea Muscipula and Ludmila have two unique similarities: they are both enthralling, as well as inconspicuously deadly. The former, a carnivorous plant; the latter, a human predator.

Lola Vignole tells us about her personal experience with Ludmila, whose paths crossed by some eerie twist of fate. Inspired on true events, Dionaea, Human Predator perfectly portrays to what lenghts this twisted mind with an unquenchable thirst for money and power will go to attain whatever her stone-cold heart craves.





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