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ISBN: 978-9878505305
COLOFÓN: 2020-02-26
128 páginas
Relatos Personales - Autoayuda


This book tells the story of years of struggle of this mother, who moved mountains so that Manu could improve his quality of life, waiting for the definitive cure.
Manu dies 8 years later and Oscar, her husband, also dies a year afterward. Silvia goes through a deep and heartbreaking pain, where it was difficult for her to move on and everything had lost perspective. Along with her loved ones, she was immersed in the deepest crisis and had to find a mechanism that would help her out of there.
Resilience is the ability that certain people have that allows them to transform obstacles into trampolines and fragility into personal wealth. Throughout the book it is seen how Silvia, from such extreme pain, resurfaces creating a home for children of HIV positive mothers called Casa M.A.N.U Mucho Amor Nos Une, wherein more than one hundred children have gone by and in all cases, their quality of life has been improved recovering them from the highest vulnerability.
Casa M.A.N.U is an exemplary Home where the presence of Manu and God is visible in each of those one hundred children. Presence you can feel and experience every day.





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